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Mobiquity, a key player in human-focused design and data-driven technology, is dedicated to driving business meaning and customer relevance. With a global team boasting over 50 nationalities,Mobiquity thrives on diversity, creating digital products and services that resonate in today ever-
evolving market.

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The Challenge

Mobiquity faced a multifaceted challenge in sourcing skilled professionals across a wide array of technology domains. From Ruby on Rails to mainframes, the company required expertise in areas such as Service Lead, Xamarin, Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, data warehousing, testing tools, Tableau, PL/SQL, DevOps, Azure, Linux, QA, Python, and more. The scarcity of talent in these specialized domains posed a significant hurdle to Mobiquity technological aspirations.


CloudSeals orchestrated a comprehensive strategy to tackle Mobiquity's diverse technological

Specialized Recruitment: CloudSeals harnessed its vast network and industry expertise to identify and recruit professionals with specialized skills in Ruby on Rails, .Net, Java/J2EE, Service Lead, Xamarin, Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, data warehousing, mainframes, testing tools, Tableau, PL/SQL, DevOps, Azure, Linux, QA, Python, and other technologies.

Tailored Talent Acquisition: Recognizing the intricate nature of Mobiquity's technological landscape, CloudSeals customized its recruitment approach. Each candidate underwent a thorough evaluation to ensure not only technical proficiency but also a cultural fit within Mobiquity diverse and collaborative environment.

Rapid Skill Adaptation: In addition to sourcing talent, CloudSeals provided targeted training programs to align candidates with Mobiquity specific technological requirements. This approach
facilitated a seamless integration of new hires into ongoing projects, minimizing onboarding time and maximizing productivity.

The Results

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