Guardian-Eye For ISO Human Safety

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CloudSeals’ Guardian-Eye AI Solution Revolutionizes Real-Time Safety

CloudSeals’ Guardian-Eye AI solution revolutionizes real-time safety monitoring for industrial workspaces via intelligent video analytics. The edge computing-powered system processes video data to provide early insight into risks like improper machinery operation, lack of protective gear, confined space violations, and more. Using a distributed network of smart cameras with configurable rule engines, it delivers quick nudges and alerts when it observes non-compliant incidents so shop floor teams can self-correct at the moment before adverse events occur.

24/7 Visibility

Track Human Movements

Identify Unsafe Behaviours

Prevent Occupational Hazards

Guardian-Eye Provides Reliable 24/7 Visibility As An Extra Set of Eyes Enhancing Existing Safety Protocols.

With the ability to cover wide areas, difficult angles and varying light conditions while achieving high accuracy with noisy manufacturing environments

The Centralized Dashboard Allows Teams to Monitor

Let us know if you need any elaboration or additional details on the AI-powered industrial safety solution.


Gain Insights Around Key Risk Indicators

Promote a Proactive Intervention Culture

Focused on both worker wellbeing and operational continuity

Minimized Disruptions

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